Our Chalk Stream Presentations

Released to coincide with the publication of eight podcasts sharing all the presentations, Q & A and closing discussion from our chalk stream conference in Cambridge on 30-31 March 2023, this is where you’ll find the slides (generally in PDF format) provided by our speakers, for you to scroll through or download, and, course, the podcasts themselves. Hosted by Acast, you will find them here.

Episode One: the crisis facing our chalk streams

Making something happen: Ted Hughes, wild fish and chalk streams, by Mark Wormald

The state of chalk streams, by Adam Nicolson

Assessing the Atlantic salmon and its subpopulations for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, by Catherine Sayer

Episode Two: Nature Live

Global Swimways: developing a framework for conserving migratory freshwater fishes, by Tom Worthington

Beneath the water: filming freshwater fish, by Jack Perks

Salmonids and illustration: the art of interpreting fish form, function and colour, by Marc Dando

Episode Three: Nature and Culture

Nothing is forgotten: nature and connection through chalk water, by Amy-Jane Beer

The culture, nature and land choices influencing our chalk streams, by Dylan Everett

Owned by no-one? Why Rights of Nature, self-ownership and guardianship are important parts for the protection and restoration of our rivers, by Paul Powlesland. Paul spoke without slides.

Listen to all these presentations and every episode in our series as they are released by finding ‘Owned by Everyone?’ at Acast via the link at the head of this post or on Spotify or Apple Music.

Episode Four: Case Studies

The chalk landscapes of East Yorkshire, by Jon Traill

Overcoming challenges to the Chess, by Kate Heppell

Drought, deer and dogs: an introduction to the stresses on Cambridgeshire chalk streams, by Rob Mungovan

Rob’s final video

Action on the Avon, by David Holroyd

Episode Five: Barriers

Watermeadows: victims or saviours? by Hadrian Cook

Chalk stream water quality: barriers to achieving higher classification, by Mike Foley

Pressure on water resources, by Trevor Bishop

Episode Six: Opportunities

‘Making and unmaking lines’: Jeremy Hooker’s ‘Itchen Water’ poems, by Terry Gifford

Water and the law: current cases and new opportunities, by Carol Day

Future fishing, by Stuart McTeare

Episode Seven: Solutions

Developments on the Cam? by Pippa Heylings. Pippa spoke without slides about her experiences of working for change within the local policy and planning system

Restored by everyone – a national strategy for the restoration of our chalk streams, by Charles Rangeley-Wilson

Landscapes and Riverscapes – contemporary practice, by Stewart Clarke

Episode Eight: owned by everyone?

An open discussion about chalk streams, chaired by Tony Juniper and introduced by Stephen Tomkins and Amy-Jane Beer, revisits the theme of our discussions over two days and generates ideas about how best to ensure their survival and future health.

All eight episodes are now available as podcasts hosted by ACast and

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